Sunday, August 27, 2006

PEnGUIn ToolKit 1.0a Released!!

Hello everyone, I know some people would like to have a tool for encoding pmp or pmp_avc on the Mac.
The one PEnGUIn (PMP Encoder Software) was released finally.
It's a easy, small software. And there are two parts PEnGUIn(Encoder) and PEnGUIn(Muxer) included.
PEnGUIn(Encoder) is a frontend program for mplayer, mencoder and x264(modified for compatible with pmp_avc_muxer).
It means that you still need to download these binaries for mac seperately.
And the other, thanks for Jonny's efforts, according to his souce codes of Perl Modules and then I can produce PEnGUI(Muxer).
About PEnGUI(Muxer), I just make a Cocoa GUI based on Perl Modules of Jonny.

For getting more information about PMP and relative source codes, you can visit Jonny's website.
Everyone who loves playing pmp movie should take a look of it.
You can find PMP_MUXER, PMP_MUXER_AVC, PMP_DEMUXER and x264 source codes in it.

PEnGUIn Toolkit 1.0a

x264 Binary, The special verson x264 modified by Jonny. And it was compiled for Mac OS X platform.

Mplayer and Mencoder binaries 20060307 Build

The Official Website for Developing PMP Relative Softwares(PMP_MOD_Player, PMP_MOD_AVC_Player, PMP_MUXER, PMP_DEMUXER, x264(Special Edition)

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