Monday, August 28, 2006

Workflow for PMP_AVC movies encoding!!

There are four buttons in the PEnGUIn(Encoder).
It can produce four kinds of media materials, y4m, h264, Divx and mp3.
The steps for making PMP_AVC movies:
Step 1. --> out.y4m --> out.264

Step 2. --> out.mp3

Step 3.
out.264 + out.mp3 --> PEnGUIn(Muxer) --> AVC_MUXER --> Output.pmp

1. The *.y4m file is ten times large to DVD-Video. Keep in mind of having enough usage volume in the disk drive.
2. It costs a lot of time for encoding H264 movie. For initial trial, recomend to use the movie less than 5 miniutes in duration.

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