Monday, September 04, 2006

PEnGUIn ToolKit 1.16a Updated!!

PEnGUIn ToolKit 1.16a Updated!!
1. Improvements of Audio/Video sync. (Both encoder and muxer.)
2. Compiled to support Universal Binaries.
(Because I didn't have Intel-based Mac, it needs user's feedback.)
3. Add CRF rate control of x264.
(It means can adjust disk usage of videos.

It still has a lot of things to improve.
I wish everyone enjoy it!

PEnGUIn Toolkit 1.16a


Anonymous said...

I'm still haveing problems if syncing of audio and video in avc mode. I tried a avi but pmp encoder crashed. I am trying again tonight.

Anyone eles having problems, or I'm doing somthing wrong?

Thank you any help.

La'fear said...

Hello..Did you install the latest version of binaries, Mencoder, LibX264 & LibMP3Lame Bianries (09.01.2006 Build)??

Anonymous said...

This i sthe best OSX app for psp I've ever seen! Thank you very much! BTW: where can I adjust video bitrate? Thank you!

La'fear said...

You will have bitrate control in the next release version.
See you