Saturday, September 09, 2006

PEnGUIn ToolKit 1.25u Updated!!

Update Logs:
1. add bitrate control for AVI & MP3 Encode.
2. add high quality control for AVI Encode.
3. Universal Binary support.
4. Minor GUI fixes.

DOWNLOAD: PEnGUIn ToolKit 1.25u


Bran said...

Hey I use this encoder GUI all the time. Keep up the good work man!

La'fear said...

I appericiated that you like it.
I will keep going.

Mastamind said...

Kepp the good work up! Any further features planned for the next version?

La'fear said...

I would like to make some further features for the next version.
1. patched mencoder with universal binaries support.(But lack of Mactel now)
2. Add queue for batch enocde.
3. Standard PSP MP4/AVC encode.
4. .....
Or maybe you can give me some advice?

By the way, I might slow down the PEnGUIn Toolki development.
Because I am a new immigration to the North America, I should get a job for life support.