Friday, September 01, 2006

Please Update Binaries (09.01.2006 Build) for PEnGUIn Toolkit 1.11a support!!

After repeating trial and trail, I found it seems that there are some compatitable problems in compiling with static library with Link Editor which Apple released with XCode 2.4.
The only way I can do is to change another method, compilied mencoder with dynamic library.
The latest build of binaries included three parts:
1. A mencoder with LibX264(patched), LibMP3Lame support.
2. LibX264 was patched according to Jonny's souce codes.
3. LibMP3Lame was build with the Latest source cdoes. (It was the same to LAME's Release.)

I wish it works for most people. Enjoy it!!

Mencoder, LibX264 & LibMP3Lame Bianries (09.01.2006 Build)

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