Wednesday, October 25, 2006

PEnGUIn(Host) 0.8b Updated!!

PEnGUIn(Host) 0.8b Updated!!
Attention: Please remember to install libusb.pkg before launching of PEnGUIn(Host)!!
Cancel the Debug Window. (2006.10.25)
Cancel the need of authorization to excute USBHostfs. (2006.10.25)
Minor GUI fixes and improvements. (2006.10.25)
fixed writing file from PSP to MAC without properties of privilege through nethostfs. (2006.09.20)

DOWNLOAD: PEnGUIn(Host) 0.8b
DOWNLOAD: libusb binary 0.1.12


marco said...

hello!nice job man.i'd like to congratulate with you for your excellent work.u help a lot psp&mac community.tnx u again.keep up good work!bye from italy!

La'fear said...

It's so nice to hear that some users like that.
Thanks you!

Anonymous said...

Works like a charm! Thank you!
Only negative reaction I have to this program is that it's using alot of cpu. I noticed cause my fans started spinning like they were gonna take off with my laptop ;)