Tuesday, November 07, 2006

PEnGUIn ToolKit 1.31u Updated!!

Finally, I put three PEnGUIns "Encoder, Muxer & Host" together.
The version is including some bugs fixed and minor GUI improvements.
Remember also to download "Mencoder, Mplayer, X264 & LAME Bianries (10.22.2006 Build)" for encoder operating.
If you would like to encode rm to pmp, you have to download "Reallib" too.


Version Logs:
1. PEnGUIn(Encoder) 1.32
2. PEnGUIn(Muxer) 1.0
3. PEnGUIn(Host) 1.0

DOWNLOAD: PEnGUIn ToolKit 1.31u
DOWNLOAD: Mencoder, Mplayer, X264 & LAME Bianries (11.11.2006 Build)


steve@paradise.net.nz said...

The binary package installs to /Users/Allan - no use for anyone who isn't Allan! :)

It also doesn't seem to like filenames with more than one period "." in them.

Otherwise, handy application although I'm getting speeds of only around 6fps encoding h264 on a 1.83Ghz core duo mac mini.

Jeff said...

I cannot start the Muxer anymore, I was able to with the previous version.

La'fear said...

Thanks of your replying.
About the binary package, I uploaded a new one and took out mplayer and mencoder seperately.
About the performence on Mactel, the mplayer and mencoder are still ppc only. Because I didn't have a Mactel and it is hard to compile mencoder into intel version without Intel inside Mac.
I wish Apple will cut down their products price and I can buy one in near future, so that I can release a Intel version binary.

La'fear said...

Sorry about that. I uploaded a new 1.31u.
Please have a trial with it.

steve@paradise.net.nz said...

For anyone with a mactel platform, the mplayer & mencoder binaries in the ffmpegX pack (http://www.ffmpegx.com/download.html) are universal binaries, they're older versions but they work fine. Encode is running at approx 30fps versus the previous 5fps for an H264 encode.

I'll see if I can find some more optimised versions somewhere :)

La'fear said...

The binary you mentioned should work but except H264. Because of the H264 encoding library should be patched for recognized by PSP AVC decoder API. The reference you can take from the Jonny's Homepage (http://jonny.leffe.dnsalias.com/).
But AVI and MP3 encoding are ok with the ffmpegx's precompiled version.