Tuesday, December 19, 2006

PEnGUIn(Encoder) 1.3.6u Updated!!

The main difference is that bitrate control was added in H264 encoding.
When inserting bitrate value other than zero, the value of crf control will be ignored by mencoder.
If users want to encode with crf control, just only keep the bitrate value for zero.

DOWNLOAD: PEnGUIn(Encoder) 1.3.6u


Anonymous said...

This only did one thing: killed all my avis that I intended to convert.

just press the AVI encode button and your files will be gone forever.

x264 works.

La'fear said...

Just made some investigation.
There is no "delete files command" in the source code.
The only one possibility is that all of your original AVIs were placed on the desktop.
Because the default output path is your desktop, file overwriten will happen.
I will release a fix in the next version.