Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Chapter of PEnGUIn(Encoder)

At the beginning of the New Year, 2007, there are some changes in the newer PEnGUIn(Encoder).
The major difference is that users can get pmp files from PEnGUIn(Enocder) directly.
Just choose muxer mode "PMP_AVC or PMP_MOD" and press "LAUNCH", you will get pmp files after you specify the export folder.
I thought it might be more convinent for most users.
By the way, I still kept a "NONE" option in the muxer mode, users can choose encoding types by their need.
Ex: You can encode mp3 only or h264, mp4 and mp3. All you have to do just enable these options and lauch task by "NONE" muxer mode.

The last one thing is that my Perl compiler is trial demo only, the binary compiled by it will expire on Feb 01, 2007.
I will update this part in the later PEnGUIn(Encoder) when getting a commercial Perl dev kit.

Take care!!

DOWNLOAD: PEnGUIn ToolKit 1.4u


skball123 said...

why will it only work on 2.1 or 2.2 irshell... cause all i can download now is 3.1 because thats the newest 1... so can u give me a link to a 2.1?

La'fear said...

Because Ahman still don't release the newer 1.6 source code, I can't updated nethostfs and usebhostfs with the keypad redirection.
But I guessed the original one still be able to work with irshell 3.1 except keypad redirection.

skball123 said...

well so far i ahve tryed and tryed clicking the nethosts icon in the newst irshell, but no go. The irshell says couldn't connect, and the mac side is still moving along, like nothing happened. So.. i guess ill just wait around.
Thanks anyways for a good app

La'fear said...

I found a website where you can download irshell 2.2.