Tuesday, March 06, 2007

MISO-J 1.05 Updated

Some users might find that there is a newer release "MISO-J 1.05".
In the version 1.0.5, a new button "S" which function is MDS Smart Add was added.
Now you can specify a MDS file and add multi-iso segments automatically.
Note: The filename with mds extension must be the same to other multi-iso segments in one folder.




Anonymous said...

Hi, I got a chance to use your software, and in general it does work, but it doesn't appear you're familiar with building GUIs (or Mac GUIs specifically, I guess). I mention this because your software has already earned a horrible review at MacUpdate (not by me), complaining that it's totally unusable. Here's a small suggestion, and I mean it with no codescension at all.

Choosing files to work with on the Mac side is generally done either with a drag-and-drop window, or with a menu item. Anything other than that (for instance, a tiny button inexplicably labelled 'S' in the lower-right corner of the list) impedes the workflow, as the user must take time to learn your interface before getting on with his file conversion. The whole point of the Mac is that things should be intuitive enough that the user just 'gets it' right off the bat, except in cases like Final Cut Pro, where the function of the program is too extensive and complex to be intuitive.

In the case of MISO-J, the conversion and/or concatenation of sequential files ought to be a one-click process: Drag the file into a drop zone (at which point it looks for likely sequential files and if any are found, offers to add them for you), and click Convert (which should be fully spelled out in a button).

I've been working with Mac GUIs for (too damned many) years now, and can also help with any other interface questions you may have.

Thank you for your time,


La'fear said...

Thanks of your great advice.
Actually, I'm a newbie compose the program on MAC OS X.
I will do efforts to improve the following version.
Thanks a lot!!