Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hippo-S 1.0 was Released

Hippo-S is an another work which I composed recently.
Not before long, I got some subtitles were in a kind of smi format.
It seems that smi subtitles are not support by VLC.
Besides, smi subtitles are also not easy to be read by simple text.
Therefore, I found an author George Shuklin who wrote a GPL source code smi2srt for running under DOS environment.
Owing to have the same function on Mac OS X, I added strupr MACRO and modified time format of smi2srt.
I also made a Cocoa GUI and compiled it for universal binary.
All you have to do just put the smi subtitles in the window.
Wish it solved some users need and enjoy it.

DOWNLOAD: Hippo-S 1.0

By the way, there are updates for PEnGUIn Encoder and MISO-J, too.
DOWNLOAD: PEnGUIn Encoder 1.57u

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