Friday, September 21, 2007

PEnGUIn Encoder PMP 1.0 and MP4 0.7

Sorry for forgot to mention that. PEnGUIn Encoder Series: PMP 1.0 and MP4 0.7 have been updated for several days. There is no longer need to download and setting path in preferences with the latest version. I also addressed a optimize muxer mode in MP4 0.7. Users can easy to choose frequent video/audio settings which are optimized for iPod, AppleTV and PSP. Owning to what I only have device is PSP with M33 firmware. Therefore, I can't make sure how is going when these setting applied on iPod or AppleTV. There is any problem, please let me know.



Wild Industry said...

Hey there again. I'm glad Encoder finally got another update... good thing that you're still working on it. Just wanted to say that I really appreciate your work; I have been using Encoder since it was first released a long time ago.

Wild Industry said...

I just tried out the new Encoder, and it definitely works much better! Very fast, and I no longer have a problem with the muxing part (previously I had to use the seperate muxer). One feature request: automatically delete the _vid and _mp3 files after making the final PMP, etc file?

Also, since you seem to be developing new software, here's another idea for you relating to the PSP: an image converter. This converter would have to rotate the image depending on which side was larger, and then scale down that image to fit 480x272. It seems like a pretty simple task, and I know there are Windows programs that do it, but so far no good Mac apps!

La'fear said...

Hello..wild industry...
It's so nice to hear that you like it. I do so appreciate with your comments.

About deleting _vid and _mp3 files automatically after making the final PMP. I will make some adjustments in the next release.

And then about the image converter. It will be my next development of project, but might need some time. I am suffering from wisdom tooth extraction this week.

Thanks a agin.