Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Tutorial for Plurkid

Hi~ Guys!!
I'm very sorry it's a late tutorial. I should write this introduction earlier, but it really takes lots of time to make the App "Plurkid" more functional and smoother executing.

Plurkid is a social network App for Plurk on iOS platform. Owing to the dual post-processing of transmission, the advantage of Plurkid is that it is able to display vivid graphic content of Plurk. We can compare the followings two.

  • The left one: it displays inline thumbnail with dual post-processing.
  • The right one: it is a standard raw content of plurk.

However, in order to make the most use of the Plurkid, I still recommend to spend a little time in reading this tutorial. It will be helpful and guide us to figure out how it operates.

First, let's us know the main screen of Plurkid. The screen will be displayed when the first time we launch the Plurkid.
The upper orange part is segmented control, we can switch the type of plurk content for reading. Besides the right-lower edit icon is the function of posting new plurk. We can enter the editor view by clicking edit icon.

Second, if we would like to read the responses of certain plurk. Just click the digits numbers of each column. After entering the responses view, we can click the right-lower edit icon to reply the plurk. Or click the profile picture/nickname (left two orange circles) to reply to certain plurk user.

Third, personal profile picture in the main screen is also clickable. We can choose to enter "Mobile Plurk" mode which is for raw content display of plurk to save bandwidth under lower speed of internet, or "My Profile" to view favourite plurk/change background by right-upper flower icon, or "Logout" to switch plurk account.

Finally, let me explain a little bit of settings of Plurkid.
Input Method: We can turn Basic Mode Off to enter the advanced editor view of Plurkid. The editor mode is more complicated, each column object is able to be re-ordered and it's also support maximum four photos uploading.

  • User Interface: We can turn background off if we don't want to display background picture. And the lower slide bar is to control the opacity when background setting is on.
  • Notification: When the setting "Plurkid Buddy" is on, Plurkid will add Plurkid buddy as fan automatically. It's a notification mechanism to inform some latest news of Plurk actively.

Above all are basic operation of Plurkid, if there is any further question or advice, just let me know^^ Thanks a lot!!

The iTunes website info of Plurkid.

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