Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Highly Experiment Encoder 1.53_MT!!

In order to get higher speed in encoding x264,
I released a multi thread optimized encoder 1.53_MT.
Please keep in mind, it's a highly experiment version.
Users have to change the latest mencoder binary and 1.53_MT.
I put all your needs in one zip file.
Please give me some feedback about encoding fps.
As to my MDD G4 Dual 1GHz, there is 50% speed up.
I will release an Intel version later, too.

DOWNLOAD: Mencoder, Mplayer, X264 & LAME Binaries for PPC Only (03.26.2007 Build)


Trevor said...

Although there have been many great additions to your product I can't help but to notice some features have been dropped such as being able to convert flash (FLV) files to PMP, I was able to convert them before but now can no longer. Is there some reason you have taken this feature out? Also I am having a lot of trouble converting WMV videos as well. I know this is an experimental version, but the version before this I have tried it as well. I run in with the same results.

La'fear said...

On Mac OS X platform, it seems that not all wmv files can be decoded by mencoder.
A Codec Status Table you can take it for reference.
One of subjects is "Codecs with problem":

By the way, if you can mail me a small piece of your wmv file. (2 ~ 5MB).
I can also test it on my G4.

And I just put a newer Encoder_MT (R002), there is a extension filter removed and minor encoding speed improved in the computer with dual processors.
I thought it would be okay to covert FLV files.

If there is any addition problem, just let me know.


Trevor said...

I'll send you a bit of the file, but what I was trying to say before is that the WMV formatted video I was trying to convert I converted before on an older version og PenGUIn Encoder. And now it doesn't also when I go to add any and all FLV files to the que they never show up, they cannot be selected to be added, although I am happy to confirm that some Real files can be converted, not the one I wanted to be converted but still it's a good start.

It may be my computer though, I'm running off of a Powerbook G4, I'm trying to trade in for a Macbook

I have had a lot of issues trying to get any version of PenGUIn to work on my Imac DV, but I take that it's running off a G3 processor to be the real issue. I'm wokring on my site for the moment, so it may be a while before I send you the WMV clip, I need to work on web design for tonight.

La'fear said...

Sure, I can wait.
About the FLV can't be added, the R002 version should be fixed.
Concern to the G3, encoding movies is highly rely on CPU performance.
G3 cpu is lack of altiVec support, the first generation of altivec processing unit started from G4.
Owing to the reason, parts of function in mencoder can't be initiated before the G4 without altivec.