Wednesday, March 21, 2007

PEnGUIn Encoder 1.53u is Out!!

Finally, ActiveState released a commercial Perl Dev Kit.
I bought one, and there will be no muxer expired anymore.
In the 1.53u, I changed the name ToolKit to Encoder.
I made lots of adjustments on it.
Users will find a new setting field in the Preferences.
You can set your favorite Video Editor here. (Exp. MPEG Streamclip)
And then, launch it with Command + 1 or under Extra Menu Bar.
I also made some mechanisms for preventing Encoder overwrite existed files with the same name.
And Encoder will skip encoding task if the output files were existed in the folder you specified when pressing Launch.
There will be new document icons in it, users can find the change easily.
However, I wish everyone enjoy and like it.


DOWNLOAD: PEnGUIn Encoder 1.53u


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