Sunday, April 01, 2007

Drag and drop support in MISO-J 1.07

As my previous promise, I added the drag and drop support to the MISO-J.
And now, users can drag files which ending extension with mds, mdf, md0, md1, i00, i01, and i02 on the list view.
It just only needs to drag any one of them, MISO-J will add others automatically.
(But all the files should have the same file name and put in the same folder. Exp. happy.mds, happy.mdf, happy.md0, and happy.md1)
Besides, users can also drag up and drag down in the list view.
It makes easier to adjust file order in the list view.
Please have a look with MISO-J 1.07.


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Anonymous said...

this worked exactly how it is supposed to. good work . . . great work considering the alternative was using windows. thank you muchly!