Monday, April 23, 2007

PEnGUIn Encoder 1.56u Update

The major improvements in the version are CPU Counts setting in preferences and drag n drop support.
I also changed message feedback and made it easier to read.
The most important is that download the latest mencoder binaries for getting CPU Counts.
The default value for CPU Counts is AUTO.
If users have dual core or quad core Mac, it's worth to try option value for 2 or 4.

Thanks and enjoy it!!

DOWNLOAD: PEnGUIn Encoder 1.56u
DOWNLOAD: Mencoder, Mplayer, X264 & LAME Binaries for Inte Only (03.27.2007 Build)
DOWNLOAD: Mencoder, Mplayer, X264 & LAME Binaries for PPC Only (03.26.2007 Build)


Trevor said...

I have no longer any more issues with your encoder since I traded in my Powerbook G4 for my new Macbook. Everything works perfectly, even the files that wouldn't work before for me.

Also the encoding time is perfect, I don't even have the time to get up from my seat and it's done, thank you for your fabulous product, PMP all the way!

La'fear said...

Congratulation!! Trevor...
You got a new Mac.

oOSiGHOo said...

Again faster!
Great work, man ;^) keep it up...

Anonymous said...

good work. is it possible you can please add support for 480*272(auto crop maybe) and HAVC? I have this on windows but never got it on MAC

La'fear said...

It needs time. I were stuck with other problems in my life recently.