Sunday, October 07, 2007

PEnGUIn Encoder MP4 0.9 & PMP 1.02 with minor fixes

In this release, Typo in H264 was fixed and CPU Counts for 8 was added. For MP4 0.9, iPhone WIFI and iPhone EDGE preset in Optimize Mode were added, too. Especially for Mactel users, please remember to excute Menu: "Help --> update binaries". I also added some binaries lib for Intel CPU. In theory, there will be faster and more stable when encoding.


sderenzi said...

I'd still like to have mp4box compiled for OS X. Could you guys tell me exactly how you did it because I've been searching the net and found nothing. It's completely bizarre to be, did you use GPAC's source or what? How's it done? mp4box has a great level of function and it's insane not to offer it precompiled just cuz u got another proggie.

La'fear said...

I will provide a download link for mp4box later.

By the way, I compiled it with GPAC's sourcecode. If you need some more libs depend by mp4box, you can also using macports "".

La'fear said...

I just found another link of precompiled MP4Box.
You can take it for reference, too.

Anonymous said...

Panic: Can't find bfs section in '/Applications/PEnGUIn Encoder'

Uh? I don't think i did anything wrong with PMP 1.02

La'fear said...

Yes, you are right.
Partial binary is broken.
I have uploaded a newer one.
Please redownload again.
Sorry for bothering.

La'fear said...

By the way, the normal compression file size should be 9.4 MB.
In my situation, I have to clean the cache in firefox browser first and then redownload again.
Safari might not have the same problem.

Anonymous said...

Now it works, thanks :)