Sunday, October 14, 2007

PEnGUIn XLink 0.8

PEnGUIn XLink is a software which I almost forgot I ever composed it before. I hardly played online game on PSP platform. Recently I found Monster Hunter Portable 2 (MHP2) is an amazing and interesting game which support online playing with upper four friends. Lots of players go through KAID by PC to join xlink network for carrying out co-play MHP2 on internet.

For easier get running KAID on Mac OS X, I made minor adjustment about PEnGUIn XLink. I also wrote a tutorial for setting KAID with MHP2 on Mac OS X. Wish it is helpful for users no matter application itself or documents which were bundle with the download file.


Anonymous said...

I am using Penguin Xlink with my PSP and 12" G4 w/ OS 10.5 trying to play Monster Hunter Freedom 2 online however, every time I join a quest with three or four people in the party I get disconnected as the quest starts. I have been successful a part of two, but if there is any help you or anyone can provide it would be greatly appreciated.

La'fear said...

How about your upload broadband speed? According to some users' experiences, at least 256kbps uploads for 4 users play. By the way, turn off firewall, ending other sharing(Apple talk, printer share), and bypass router (connect your mac to broadband modem directly) will be somehow helpful.