Tuesday, November 20, 2007

PEnGUIn Encoder MP4 0.96E3 was Released

In this version, the most important fix is that x264 encode on PPC Mac.
And PS3 support was also added. They share the same preset with AppleTV in Optimize Mode.
I replaced the latest x264 build 698 in this version.
It solved PSP can't play mp4 which was encoded by PPC Mac.

The most important fix is that no longer fragments of multi mp4 files when muxing.


shadow said...

does this work on Leopard?
Somehow it's showing me alot of split files...
is that normal?
I cant get my video converted... :(

La'fear said...

Sorry for not update blog very often.
Please try the following one:

There is a newer "Preview Encode" in Extra Menu.
(Command + P)
You can encode 15 sec movies in duration first to see if the movies works or not.

shadow said...

hey there la'fear,

I am using that latest version.
Even the Preview Encode give me alot of split files.
I don't know what is it that I am doing wrong.
Hope to hear from you soon.


La'fear said...

If your source video is in RMVB format, I suggest using the 0.96E5 version.
I am still tracing the real reason why mp4box split files relating to RMVB.


Anonymous said...

I can't get it to work on a mac Mini running 10.4.11. Starts up, flashes an error message (too quickly to read) about the wrong version of some some dylib, and then quits.

Tried installing 3 times now.

alex said...

the same thing occurs with me... 1074 random split files of 1 second segments... im using the version "PEnGUIn_Encoder_MP4_096E7" im going to download the one recommended and trying the same video again

La'fear said...

For RMVB files, the 0.96E5 would be a better choice.

About the dylib, I still investigate the problem.
Please redownload 0.96E7 and then select "update binaries" under the extra menu.
Or you can try the 0.96E5, I think this one would be more stable, too.

Anonymous said...

As per your suggestion, I tried the 96E5 version and it appears to work right out of the box.

Whatever happened got broken in 95E6, since both it and 96E7 both failed (even after updating binaries).

La'fear said...

I just updated the download link, I wish 0.96E8 would solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

96E8 appears to have solved the dylib problem, thank you.

ryan said...

quicktime viewing infomation mp4 file size 0
bitrate 0 -_- bug from pneguin encoder 0.96e3

La'fear said...

Can you provide more details about source files and hardware specificities? And also which optimize mode you choose?