Saturday, November 10, 2007

PEnGUIn HostFS 1.01 was Released!!

In the past, I composed a program which was called PEnGUIn(Host) bundled with PEnGUIn Toolkit 1.4. As time goes by, I removed it from the PEnGUIn Encoder PMP and had a plan for re-upload it with sole package. But.......I forgot!!! (Yes, a little stupid.) Now, the PEnGUIn(Host) was renamed with PEnGUIn HostFS. And the latest version is 1.01. The newer one accompanied with a libusb installer bundled and also minor GUI adjustment. The nethostfs is still built according to the 1.5 sourcecode. (I knew the 1.7 was released, but I can't find the newer 1.7 sourcecode.) Please enjoy it.


Parker said...


first of all, thank you. its like you are the only person actually making anything for psp/mac owners. its amazing and i'm happy i found your blog. i'm currently working with penguin hostfs, but i'm running leopard and libusb will not install. any suggestions?

La'fear said...

You are welcome. About the libusb for leopard. You can download the newer build from the first. Following is the direct link:
I will fix the libusb installer in the next version of PEnGUIn HostFS.

Alessandro said...

Look what i found:
source code for latest usbhost and nethost! Hope it will come in handy :)

La'fear said...

Thanks a lot!! I just downloaded the 1.7 sourcecodes and reviewed it. Initially, The sourcecodes between 1.7 and 1.5 version are almost the same except joystick support. I guessed the current PEnGUIn HostFS should work properly in most case. However, I will release a newer one recently for addressing libusb installer on Leopard.

Artemis said...

Thanks, dude. I'd donate to you if I could (I'm a minor), but I love all the free Mac apps you make! One small request: please don't drop Tiger, I won't be able to get Leopard for a while, and all the other developers are leaving me in the dust. Again, thanks for eveything!

PS: If you need any help beta testing, I'd be happy to help.

La'fear said...

Thanks, Artemis.
I will keep the compatibility with Tiger.

The Death Trip said...

Thanx you very very very much for this great work !
Just works great !

The only appz for psp/usbhost nethost !

Now i can listen my Apple's Mp3s in my bedroom ;-) Rarely for bitrates over 192 kbps sound is half working i think because of the distance from your wifi spot.

When browsing it does not show the full content of a large folder with loats of mp3s and folders but it shows more in usb than wifi.
Usb and wifi can't be use at the same time.

I confirmed you that usbhost use 100% (one of two processors !)
But wifi works great and is less cpu use (about 20%)
I can play a psp game from my computer hard drive in wifi. It seems it depends from the game itself Wipeout Pulse works but online gaming is impossible due to wifi game nature ! Not your fault.

It would be great to add a manager in the top menu.
Thanks you again
May PSP be with you !

With Psp CF 3.71 M33-4 and 1.5
AND IrShell
With 2xG4 @ 1.6Ghz Ram: 1Go
AND Tiger 10.4.11

elliot Mersch said...

hey man, thanks for this awesome app. my psp recognizes it's connected through the usbhost, but i dont know how to access files/run iso's. is there a tutorial or something on this? thanks!

La'fear said...

Hi, Elliot..
You may also need a software irshell. You can visit the following link..

Davy said...

I can't get USBHost and NetHost in irshell 3.90 to work. Been getting shutdowns/crashes. Running Leopard 10.5.3, PSP is 4.01 M33.

La'fear said...

Hi, Davy!!
I think the problem would the the firmware 4.01 m33.
You can take the following discussion for references.


Rafa said...

hi,first of all , sorry for my englisg and thanks for your incredible work, im running ir shell 4.9 under cf 5.00 m33-6 ,im using latest penguinhostfs, usbhost works fine, but nethost dont works.

it looks like latest version of irshell(<= 4.7 ) needs to run nethosts PC Server 2.1, i try to use irshell 3.9 but it dont works very well with m33-6, it have problems with popsloader, and other applications,

what can i do?


Rafa said...

sorry for double post, but anyone can advise me some configuration(cf irshell ) to run latest popsloader and nethosts on mac , thanks in advance.

La'fear said...

Hi, it's been a long time didn't noticed irshell's development. For later version of irshell (after 4.7), it needs the latest nethostfs 2.1. I just made a alpha test of my PEnGUIn hostFS 1.03, it's a very early version and might bugy. By the way, I didn't test it with PPC MAC. Anyway, please take a look. Thanks!!

Rafa said...

Many, many, many thanks. it works very well for me , altought i got an intel mac.
again many many many thanks for this and for all your others applications.
you make i still belibing in mac os x.

Rafa said...

many many thanks, it works very well for me, altought i got an intel mac.
again, many many thanks for this anf for your other software.