Monday, December 01, 2008

PEnGUIn Encoder MP4 0.97b7 was Released

Hi^^, it's been a long time no update for PEnGUIn Encoder MP4.
The main improvement is for mencoder/x264 on Intel CPU. According to the profile settings and video source, users might gain 5-20% speed up in MP4 encoding.

Please download by download section of right column.

#RMVB support improved in 0.97b7 comparing to 0.97b5.


Guilherme Reis said...

Hi all,

I'm having the same "tasks were skipped where the file was created" error again and again. The rmvb's I'm trying to convert all have subtitles added in them. Is it causing the problem? Did anyone convert a subtitled rmvb before?

Thanks in advance,

Guilherme Reis said...

Oh, and in case you need it, I'm downloading from here:

Thanks again,

La'fear said...

Thanks a lot!! Guilherme...
Always problems result from the RMVB files. Would you please try the following edition>

Guilherme Reis said...

Thanks a lot!

It worked, but there is still a little problem: the audio is out of sync after the convertion.

I have quicktime 5.5 and I'm encoding the RMVB's to watch them in my iPod touch.

Thanks one more time,

La'fear said...

Hi!! Guilherme...
The rmvb clips you gave me is useful. According that I made some adjustments in above rmvb_enhance version. Would you please download it again and have a trial. Thanks a lot!!

Guilherme Reis said...

Hello again,

Now after I encode it, the program doesn't erase the .aac and the .264 files, and the .mp4 is still with the audio out of sync...

Thanks a lot,

La'fear said...

Hi, Gui..
For autoerase, just check up the Export to MP4 only in Preferences.
And for A/V out of sync, can you tell me which the mode and the model of you Mac? In my test on Mactel, MP4_DIVX with obvious out of sync, but much better in OPTIMIZE mode.

Guilherme Reis said...


I have a MacBook, 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with MacOS 10.5.5. I'm already using the OPTIMIZE option, in iPhone mode.

The audio is delayed by approxmimately 2 seconds.

If you fix this you will be a hero! ;)


Ed Law said...

Thanks La'fear for such a good application!

I have tried the RMVB enhanced build a bit, it works fine for me without significant delay in sound and video. I was using the OPTIMIZE option, in iPhone mode. (MBP with OSX 10.5.6 / 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo / 4GB Ram)

Thanks Guilherme for raising the RMVB issue too, otherwise we won't have this build!

darshie76 said...

I am having all sorts of problems....

Before reinstalling Leo, it was working fine, now seems that the memcoder app crash all the times when i try to convert my RM files (either with the default settings or using the apple tv settings).

Seems that the problem that crash the app is related to a ppc process, probably because my machine is an intel (mac pro 2.66 quad core); but i do not understand why it was working fine before reinstalling the os :I i've installed all that i had before.

Please help.....

La'fear said...

Hi, Darshie76...
I put an internal build version of PE MP4. Would you please have a trial?

Maybe it works. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Why is the Default Wifi-iPhone-Setting 480x360? The display of the iPhone has resolution 480x320.

Anonymous said...

mp4box always crashes on leopard (mac mini G4). there are no files left. :(
perhaps you could use mp4creator for muxing.
more options in the gui would be fantastic.
or a mencoder binary with compiled help function. ^^
i´m searching for an alternative to ffmpegx or mpeg streamclip. your software is very fast but the picture quality is very bad on the files i copied before they got deleted.

Anonymous said...

New beta works fine (mac mini G4 with leo). stopped crashing all the time. But still very bad quality or slow like hell if you set higher bitrates.
why is mpeg-4 in the newer versions standard? i was wondering about the speed until i saw it wasn´t coding x264 by default anymore. :(

Anonymous said...


great program!

bumped into a problem when optimising RMVB into ipod 640 x 480 60fps

the video would start playing...then after a few minutes jump back to the menu on the ipod and if you fast forward past that point it works...

anyone else have this problem?

La'fear said...

For 480x360, just to control the ration fixed on 4:3, no other special consideration, I think iphone can scale the picture when playing.

For G4, I think no matter divx or x264 encoding are both very slow. But for the latest core duo series, sometimes x264 encoding is much faster. I will address a divx export diretcly in next release.

For the 60fps, I think it would be better to control under the 30fps for ipod. And for iphone/ipod touch, it would be better to update to the latest 2.2 firmware too.

Happy New Year 2009!!!!

Anonymous said...

How to export the movie with 16:9?

La'fear said...

You can specify the option value "480x272" in left controller drawer.

Macidiot said...


fantastic program!

I've been using this program for converting RMVB files to mp4 but lately thing are not quite right.

when i specify 640 x 480, the exported file comes out with a verg bug black border and the actaull video is only about 75% of the size.

Did i do something wrong?

here is link to the video:

please help me

La'fear said...

Which encode mode you used?? I have tried the clips with the latest 0.97b8 edtion. It seems to be okay!!

macidiot said...

i was using the optimisation for ipod 640 x480 30fps

just tried using 90.97b8 and same results again.


La'fear said...

Hi, sorry for late reply,just very busy recently. I am thinking if it is possible that there is another software which also based on mencoder, and wrote a mencoder's profile in your users directory. Maybe you can try to create a new account and initiate penguin encoder with that new account.

macidiot said...


before using your program i was using FFMpegX and it was really bad.

Maybe that is why.

I don't want to create another account so is there a way around it? can you delete such profile?


La'fear said...

Hi!! Please take the following link for references.

You might need to know some skills of command line in Terminal.

For example: If the config file is user specific. The steps will be -->

cd /users/"YOUR_USERNAME"/
cd .mplayer
ls -al

And then to see if a file was named "config"

muitommy said...

i have been using your software converting numerous rmvb files, it's freaking convenient!! thank you !!!

p.s. it would be better if the software outputs the files one by one (instead of video --> audio --> merge), cus there is a risk if any one of the converting process failed, the whole thing will be messed up.

muitommy said...

and the performance is very good, about 2x speed for the rmvb files, i'm using PSP optimize with 16 -cqf without resolution change.

macidiot said...


yes, after following those steps in terminal, there was a file named "config"

whats next?

also i'm now using 0.97b8, I've been trying to encode a .rmvb RV9 file but everytime i tried to start the encoding to DivX 6.0 it just says Mplayer quit...

here is the file link:


La'fear said...

Hi!! Muitommy..
You can uncheck "export MP4 only" in preferences, thus the encoded files will be reserved, and won't have to encode the same video/audio twice.

Hi!! Macidiot..
I suggest backup config file first.
cp -R config config.bak
and then remove config file.
rm -R config
What if you would like to restore config file, just type.
cp -R config.bak config

La'fear said...

To Macidiot.
Btw, about the file in the attachment, I have tested it. Indeed, there will be an error occuring when rmvb --> divx directly. It's because there are some audio errors in rmvb file but divx encoding engine can't tolerate it. For now, I suggest export MP4 first, and then encode MP4 --> AVI, but I still think most rmvb files can be export by rmvb --> avi directly, thanks a lot!!

macidiot said...

Hi La'Fear

Thanks for the tips.

You are right, most RMVBs can be converted with no problems at all. I followed your steps about converting to mp4 before converting to avi but everytime I try to do such action with the video file I gave you, it just starts and after about 5 frames mencoder crashes.

from with in the program:

Import results: 51 samples - Slices: 1 I 50 P 0 B - 1 SEI - 1 IDR
Audio isn't MPEG-2/4 AAC with ADTS
Error importing /Users/@#@!$/Downloads/$!%#!$/Girls Bravo SS - 01_aud.aac: BitStream Not Compliant

hmm... I wonder what went wrong.

thanks very much


I would give you the crash report but "site" won't allow me..

La'fear said...

Hi, Macidiot.
It's a little weird, because I was success to encode that video from MP4 --> AVI. What's the cpu in your mac, PPC or Intel??

macidiot said...

Hi La'Fear

I'm using a Intel C2D 2.4Ghz MacBook Pro with 10.5.6


muitommy said...

thank you, la'fear.
that works.! :)

macidiot said...

Hi LaFear,

I'm trying to convert a MKV with Substitle to anything I can in the program 0.97B8

but everytime it gets to 47% in DivX this comes p:

Too many audio packets in the buffer: (4096 in 984289 bytes).
Maybe you are playing a non-interleaved stream/file or the codec failed?
For AVI files, try to force non-interleaved mode with the -ni option.

I can seems to find the -ni option anywhere...


La'fear said...

Yeah, I'm tracing the same problem too. It seems to result from the Divx encoded engine in mencoder. If you google the sentence "For AVI files, try to force non-interleaved mode with the -ni option.", you will found it's a common problem when encoding to Divx. Most are happened in audio track recognition. For now, encode to MP4 is still more reliable.

Rafa said...

hi again,
when I press the launch button, it inmediately stops saying that some files were skipped, and noyhing is done. the log screen says dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libiconv.2.dylib
Referenced from: /Applications/PEnGUIn_Encoder_MP4_097b8/PEnGUIn Encoder
Reason: Incompatible library version: mencoder requires version 7.0.0 or later, but libiconv.2.dylib provides version 5.0.0
how can i updrade to libiconv 7.0.0?

im very happy with penguin encoder pmp , but i will like to try MP4.


La'fear said...

Did you try the update binaries in the help menu? Intel Mac with 10.5 should be okay without the problem.

Rafa said...

im usin 10.4 ,while penguin encoder pmp works in 10.4 i think this will work too.

La'fear said...

Hi, the structure of PMP is different MP4 encoder, thus you might still need to initiate the "Update Binaries" under the help menu of PRnGUIn Encoder MP4.

JOYFLOWS said...

I have same problem as Rafa. I have updated "Update Binaries" and the result is the same

La'fear said...

Hi, joyflows!!
Is your operating system current used 10.5 or 10.4? Btw, did you try the latest 0.97b8? Thanks a lot!!

WEIJEN said...

According to your "libconv" error, I guess you might have macports or anything similarity in your Mac OS X. I suggest you use standard command to remove "libconv" from you macports. And see if it's helpful.
Thanks a lot!!

Arty said...

Same problem as Rafa. I've got the latest 0.97b8, updated binaries and nothing changes: PEnGUIn ask for libiconv 7.0.0. I don't want to upgrade to Leopard (no money to buy for the moment). Any chance to update binaries for those that are still stuck with Tiger? A detailed guide (I'm not a programmer, nor a guru, to understand very complicated methods) will be welcomed.
Thanks in advance.

La'fear said...

HI~ Arty~
Have you tried the latest PEnGUIn Encoder MP4 0.97b9 or 0.98b1??
Thanks a lot!! (Of course, remember to select "update binaries")