Thursday, February 26, 2009

PEnGUIn Encoder MP4 0.97b8

The version 0.97b8 has been released for a long time ago. But I add this new thread for users leaving comments. Introducing the main different things in this release. RMVB A/V sync would be improved and Add DiVX output format (in experiment). Please donwload accroding to right download section^^


macidiot said...

Hi La'Fear,

recently the RMVB conversions have been great!

Now there is a problem with MKV with subs.

every time i try to convert a MKV with sub to anything, it'll stall at around 45% and say it's done...

I wonder what the problem is.


La'fear said...

Hi, can you upload that MKV and subs in somewhere that I can download it too? Thus I can try it. Thanks a lot!!

macidiot said...

HI La'Fear.

here is the link:

sorry about the size, I can't shrink this as the subs will disappear if i do this.

I tried encoding with both DivX and ipod MP4 on 320x240.

also, just out of interest are you planning to add .ssa/.ass subtitle support in future releases?



Philip said...

Hi La'Fear

Except .srt, is it possible to make PEnGUIn supports .sub also?


La'fear said...

Hi, I think it is possible to add more subtitle format. I will see if I can address it in the next release.

julians3 said...

Hi, when i trying convert the RMVB file to ipod format, but I only end up with 2 files. One .aac sound file and another h264 file. Isn't it meant to be one file??

La'fear said...

Hi!! It would be one file. If you uncheck MP4 export only in preferences, there will be three files. According to your description, it might result from certain audio or video track can't be recognized by encoder. Most of them are RMVB files, for now, PEnGUIn Encoder still can't fully support all the formats of RMVB, especially the newer ones. You can doulbe check your audio or video file size (h264 or aac). If it's very tiny, for example you got a aac file only with 4 k size, that would be audio track can't be recognized.