Thursday, February 26, 2009

PEnGUIn HostFS 1.03 (alpha)

Don't know if there are many users still using irshell. To me, it's been a long time that I didn't trace the update of it. Recently, according to users reply, just know that ther version of irshell > 4.7 have to be with newer version of nethostfs 2.1. Thus I added this alpha release of PEnGUIn HostFS and only tested with Intel Mac, for PPC, might work or not, wish someone can test it >_<


eddie_e65 said...

Hi !

…I tested it with a Mac PPC playing MLB09.

It's, so far, working flawless. I'll give another try with IRShell after install it on my PSP.

I haven't installed yet because nethost of PEnGUIn HostFS 1.02 didn't work with IRShell 4.7 and I had losted the interest of IRShell

La'fear said...

Thanks^^ Glad to hear that!!

eddie_e65 said...

WOW !!

I give a try with the same game (MLB09) via IRShell and works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally I can play in any place of my home via Wifi !

Without problem man!…many thanks!!

Now I'm gonna be waiting for the PEnGUIn HostFS 1.03 beta or final version.

eddie_e65 said...


I tested the same game (MLB09) with IRShell via nethost…AND WORKS WITHOUT PROBLEM!!!

Thanks!!!!…you are the man!

Can't wait now for the PEnGUIn HostFS 1.03 final version!

Juan Camargo-Brasil said...

Thanks for very good software, I am in one iMac intel and working perfectly, but i find that more easy, exemple, download 1 "DMG", run, instal, finish, convert!...just run, simple and beautiful, my opinion.

sory my bad language.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, finally upgraded irshell as I was waiting for this.

Awesome job

Cola Sheep! said...

Hello, How to contact with you? can you give me a email address? thanks :)

Cola Sheep! said...

my email address is:
please contact with me :)

Anonymous said...


I don't get it to run under OSX Snow Leopard, it and I can't find a compatible libusb. Did somebody manage?

La'fear said...

Hi, there~
You can get the libusb for Snow leopard by the following link.

Thanks a lot!!