Sunday, December 12, 2010


WOW!! The Year 2010 is almost over. Don't know if is there anybody would still get the image files made by Alcohol 120? I just updated my another work "MISO-J", actually the previous version 1.2 was released in the Oct 2007….(Far from now, I know…Orz) Anyway, maybe I should introduce it again. MISO-J is a file appending utility which is able to convert multiple segment of image files which are groups of "xxx.mds, xxx.I00, xxx.I01, xxx.I02" or "xxx.mds, xxx.mdf, xxx.md0, xxx.md1" into one ISO image. In this newer version 1.3, I added a simple disk benchmark display and added a 64bit mode for it (64bit mode is no big deal, just owing to this one was compiled on Snow Leopard…XD)

Finally, about the operation is very easy, just drag and drop the MDS file into the table view of MISO and then click the "JOIN" button….that's it^^


calvincho said...

Dear La'fear,

The download link is dead. Can you reupload the app? Thank you so much!

La'fear said...

Hi Calvincho, Please download the latest 1.3.1 here.

Thanks a lot!

calvincho said...

Thank you for your kindness :)